The selection of unworthy individuals as legislators creates havoc as they fail to use this platform for constructive purposes to take forward the democratic process. These people create nothing and society relying on fake promises.

Emotion driven political affiliations are an obstacle for an idealistic society. It restrict our options and we collectively fail to make a progression due to failure of prudent emotions and rationale which could pave the way for true liberal democracy indispensable for victorious and prosperous future of Pakistan.

Politics of electable has marred the Pakistani political horizon. Being an idealist generally, if one decides to extend party ticket to newbie, no matter how good a candidate is, chance of a win is a rare phenomenon. Imran khan had gone through experimentation before making a way for tried-and -true candidates, wherever the catch was possible.

The business of buying or acquiring the services of electable to secure the support of the masses has become part and parcel of this abused democratic system of ours.

It is a common belief that apparently PML-N in particular and other parties too at times use the government funds and corruption money to fund their electoral campaigns. Nawaz has decided to reach Lahore via GT Road but nevertheless party meetings took place earlier to invite people to welcome Nawaz. I attended one of these meetings/public gatherings.

Poverty ridden and largely uneducated public generally lacks the ability to make a more informed decision by analysing the merits and demerits of the candidates. Having no way to distinguish between party leaders as normally no one-to-one debates are conducted in Pakistan on election manifestos, clear winners based on merit can't be find out. Largely unaware people end up selling their soul paving way for dishonest and imprudent selection of unworthy and corrupt candidates. With long haul in power in Punjab and else-where, N-league has deep rooted connections and links with the bureaucracy which works relentlessly under the guardianship of government to persuade voters through which ever means suited to a particular scenario. This does not stop them from buying them either.

This was witnessed at recently held by-elections in Jhelum after the demise of Nawabzada Iqbal Mehdi. This seat was subsequently won by his son defeating mercurial and out-spoken Fawad Chaudhry in due process. Full-fledged state machinery was used in that occasion to facilitate the government candidate as is the norm in by-elections. Similar story was witnessed in recent victory of Saeed Ghani in Karachi, where MQM-Pakistan lost amid cries of foul play.

Coming back to party meeting held in Sarai Alamgir-Gujarat, public was told to get ready for reception and elections as total funds of Rs150 crore were subsided for this region by the government which soon will be released. The gathering was addressed by the MNA Abid Raza who elaborated that large chunk of the fund is to be used on development of Sarai Alamgir. My question is how can a legislator ensure the public so precisely of using funds to start development in election year? This is a blatant use of power to buy votes.

Currently, if one looks at the plight of this place, roads are generally unusable. Much like most of Pakistan, a little down pour results in massive puddles of water. The huge amount of filth and garbage is evident on the sides of the streets and main roads. Banks of river Jhelum are full of toxic trash and garbage which has completely destroyed its scenic beauty. Nothing was done to improve the situation so far. Looming general elections will surely bring some development as was the case before general elections of 2013 and, as always, major chunk of this money will go in the deep pockets of the legislators, contractors and others administrators.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted, "tomorrow belongs to those who see it coming." She should be the corrected that tomorrow belongs to those who can buy it off.