KARACHI      -      All-India Physically Challenged Cricket Association (APCCA) Secretary Ravi Chouhan has said that all kind of sports must be played between India and Pakistan to bridge gap and bring people closer to each other.

Ravi had visited Pakistan to play a cricket series between Pakistan and India disabled cricket teams. The Indians including Ravi were full of praise for the love and hospitality during their visit to Pakistan.

Talking to The Nation from England, where he is with the Indian disability cricket team to take part in the 5-nation physical disability World Series, Ravi said: “I am highly vocal about Pakistan and India cricket as well as other sports bilateral series. I request both Indian and Pakistani governments to let peace flourish and let sports win rather than war, as wars are no solution to the problems.

“We want to play Pakistan not only disabled cricket, but also India vs Pakistan series both home and away. When we visited Pakistan first in 2012, I must appreciate the way the PCAPH and Pakistani people gave us tremendous respect, love and hospitality. Then Pakistan team visited same year and they got overwhelming welcome,” he said. “We had visited Pakistan thrice and all the time, we had great times in Pakistan. I can never forget the way we were given so much care.”

Ravi said people on both sides of the border want India-Pakistan to play all sports, as it will bring both nations closer. “Sports must be played in true spirit while politics must be separated. As far as tensions at the borders are concerned, I think the governments must use commonsense and resolve all the issues through dialogues. We want sports relations with Pakistan to continue unabated. We want to give message of peace, love and harmony. Tensions between India and Pakistan are not in the interest of both countries, we want sports to prevail.”

He said he was reading a story that after 55 years gap, Indian tennis team will visit Pakistan and will play Davis Cup. “I really appreciate India tennis team for visiting Pakistan to play tennis, which means sporting relations are growing. The longer we play against each other in different sports, the better our relations will be. I once again request governments of both countries to think about my suggestions and bridge the gaps through sports.”

Ravi said as far as World Series is concerned, where five countries are taking part, four are form Asia including India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, while the fifth one are hosts England. “Zimbabwe were also part of the series, but due to their personal problems, they couldn’t reach England for the series. All the teams have arrived with full preparations and let me assure all that they will witness top class cricket. Pakistan team has exceptional players including Matloob and Nihar Alam. “India and Pakistan are great cricketing playing nations. They must shun all differences to play series against each other. I always want to play against Pakistan and not disability but all sports. I once again hope and request both governments to have mercy on sports and let us play for the sake of sports,” Ravi concluded.