Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) parliamentary pioneer Syed Hassan Murtaza has communicated disturbance over serious lack of flour, sugar and fundamental items. 

In his video proclamation on Thursday, he said that flour and sugar were at that point missing from the market. 

Hassan Murtaza said that the main arrangement the administration has is to build the costs of whatever is short. At present the circumstance is that neither flour nor sugar is accessible in the market. 

He said that the Chief Minister and the Food Minister are paying heed to this however there is no impact. 

The impact of the Chief Minister's notification is that the entire country knows whether the thing turns out to be more costly or uncommon, the PPP head included. 

Alongside flour and sugar, I additionally observe the Chief Minister of Punjab vanishing later on, he anticipated. 

Hassan Murtaza stated, "This issue won't be tackled until the well is cleaned. The well should be cleaned. Getting plunder and pails won't take care of the issue. The issue won't be illuminated without expelling the jackass from the well."