ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Peoples Party’s Senator Rubina Khalid has allowed Pakistan Television to re-telecast ‘Angar Wadi’ drama that was first aired in 1994, comprising 18 episodes, to highlight the Kashmir cause and pay a tribute to heroes fighting against Indian aggression for their freedom.

The popular drama series was written and produced by the Senator’s late husband, Abdul Rauf Khalid, who was a renowned Pakistani actor, filmmaker and television writer. Khalid began writing for Radio Pakistan while he was still in college.

Rauf Khalid also wrote the Guest House [TV series], a popular 52-episode comedy series that was enjoyed by young and elderly alike on the state television. “I have allowed the PTV to re-telecast it without demanding any share in the revenue it’ll generate,” Senator Rubina Khalid said, adding that the drama would help highlight the Kashmir issue besides educating the youth about the disputed territory’s importance for Pakistan.

She, however, said the PTV should have broadcast a tribute to her late husband for this masterpiece as a token of respect and honor. Rauf Khalid died on 24 November 2011, aged 53, in a traffic accident near Sheikhupura as he was coming to Islamabad from Lahore via the M-2 motorway. Among the survivors are his wife Senator Rubina Khalid, two sons and a daughter. His funeral prayer was offered in Peshawar. Remembering her late husband’s passion for arts and culture, she said that he had established an institute in Lok Virsa in Islamabad in 2004 as public-private partnership to promote the arts and culture.

He strongly believed that if Pakistan had to defeat terrorists and terrorism, it will have to promote the arts and culture among the youth to boost diversity and creativity, she said.

The Senator said that her husband had established the institute with hard earned money, but the National Accountability Bureau [NAB] started an investigation against her in 2018, saying that she used political influence to establish the institute at Lok Virsa. She said that she was a house wife when the arts and culture institute was set up as she entered the politics in 2012 while the institute was established in 2004.

“The case against me is a clear example of political victimization, and I am sure I will be exonerated by the court,” the Senator said, adding that she would continue serving the nation and the country with pride and dignity.