The roads around our Zaib-un-nissa street have been taken over by a parking mafia. The persons supposedly have been awarded tender for operating the parking in this area. The result is that office goers / visitors have to shell out Rs.20 per hour / Rs. 100 per day as parking charges. Monthly charge is Rs.1100/. To ensure “smooth” parking, goons are seen lounging around, and in case of objections by visitors, they are ever present to ensure compliance. Such is the reach of this parking mafia, that shopping street authorities have not raised any objection to the conversion of a sizeable park which was a designated green area near that complex building into a parking lot.

The local police also have found all papers of this parking mafia to be in order, so no relief from those quarters. No one has a satisfactory answer as to how a parking contractor has been able to fix charges arbitrarily and been able to charge the same without objection from any quarter, except the paying public. I hope the appropriate authorities will wake up and save this sensitive area which houses primarily govt. offices from the clutches of this parking mafia.


Lahore, November 15.