KARACHI - Ajrak and Topi are the respected symbols, but they cannot feed the hungry and malnourished children of Sindh; a province that lags behind other provinces due to corruption of its rulers, said Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor in a statement here on Monday.

He said the people of Sindh also needed the facilities that were available to the elite class and rulers only.

He said that around 90 percent of government funds were wasted in Sindh due to the corruption of rulers.

“Sindh lags behind other provinces in terms of education, healthcare and basic facilities It would have been better that the rulers of Sindh had celebrated a ‘corruption day’ instead of culture day,” he argued.

Pasban president further said that if the rulers of Sindh were really sincere to the people then they should get them rid of waderas and the patwari-mafia, and then observe culture days.

“The corruption mafia has been calling the shots for the last three decades, and it has only promoted only one culture: the culture of dishonesty and loot and plunder of the national resources,” he added.

Shakoor counseled the PPP-led government of the province to better read what is written on the wall, as ordinary people had been fed up with crooked ruling politicians and their manipulative tactics. “The people of Sindh are waiting for the day to see an end to feudalism and then to celebrate the demise of feudalism and wadera-mafia in the province,” he concluded.