Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is carrying out up-gradation of twenty three (23) grounds located in different sectors of Islamabad with the collaboration of private firms.

Under this project these firms will be responsible for up-keep, repair maintenance and provision of other facilities in these grounds. The purpose behind the up-gradation of these grounds is to provide better sports facilities to the residents particularly the youth of Islamabad.

In this connection a review meeting was held at the CDA headquarters. The meeting was chaired by the member administration and estate, director general sports, culture and tourism, director municipal administration and officers of other relevant formations.

Under this project maintenance of these grounds, cutting of grass on regular basis, provision of security and sanitary staff, beautification, up-gradation on modern lines, provision of electricity and payment of electricity dues on regular basis will be carried out with the collaboration of private firms companies.

Moreover, provision of well designed benches, dustbins and allied facilities would also be ensured by the concerned company and CDA will not bear any cost on the maintenance of these grounds.

In response these companies will be allowed to display their advertisement on specific places in these grounds without disturbing the beautification of ground and it will also be ensured that these advertisements will not be hurdle to sports activities. The companies will be bound to advertise in limited area.

In order to flourish sports activities in Islamabad, sports, culture and tourism directorate of the authority is taking effective steps and in this connection not only regional and cultural actives will be organised but tournaments cricket, football, hockey and other sports activities will also be organized.

The CDA will also organize tournaments at sector level so that talented young players could be brought to the national level.

According to the directions of Chairman CDA Maroof Afzal, new sports grounds will also be developed and for this purpose sufficient funds will also be allocated. The CDA officials asked the residents of the federal capital to cooperate with the authority for promoting the sports activities.