LAHORE - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif can be treated in the country, said Prof Mahmood Ayaz, head of the medical board here yesterday. Talking to media persons, Prof Mahmood Ayaz said the diseases faced by Nawaz Sharif were treatable in the country.

Dr Mahmood said the board constituted for Nawaz Sharif included heads of all relevant departments. The board completed examination of former prime minister yesterday following which a slight change was made in medicines of the patient.

He said the board had three terms of references starting from detailed examination of the health state of the former prime minister. Dr Mahmood Ayaz told the media that the board took blood and hormone tests, examined heart and conducted CT scan and ultrasound of Nawaz Sharif.

Apart from that, the board also examined kidneys, took tests of legs, eyes and brain of the patient to complete his physical examination.

The head of the board said they had prescribed a little bit change in the medicines of former prime minister and added, the board will send its recommendations to Punjab Home Department.

He told media men they were legally bound not to disclose findings of the report of a patient in public, however he said, Nawaz Sharif had problems of blood pressure, sugar, kidneys and arteries.

He said they had recommended a detailed cardiac examination of Nawaz Sharif and added, the diseases Nawaz Sharif was suffering from were treatable in the country. 

He further said the board had recommended constitution of a special medical board to give findings about heart condition of Nawaz Sharif.

We have not been given medical reports of Nawaz: Maryam

Maryam Nawaz spent four hours with her father Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at the special room in VVIP block of the Services Hospital here on Tuesday.

The PML-N Central leader Rana Tanveer also met the former Prime Minister.

A large number of party workers were also present outside the hospital.

At the sight of Maryam Nawaz, workers chanted loud slogans on which she waved to them and asked for prayers for the health of the former Prime Minister.

While talking to media, Maryam Nawaz said that they have not been given the medical reports of Nawaz Sharif.

She said that Medical Board will decide as to what treatment is needed for Nawaz Sharif who prefers to go back to jail.

Talking to journalists outside the hospital, Rana Tanveer said that the party is much concerned about the health of former Prime Minister who has already undergone open heart surgery in London.

He said that the statements by the Ministers about the health of Nawaz Sharif are painful. However, he said that Nawaz Sharif’s morale was high and he was quite concerned about the deteriorating situation in the country.

To a question on the launch of Sehat card by the government, he said that the PML-N had also introduced Sehat card.

To question on the deal, he challenged those claim of making deal to prove the same. However, he said that if the court will give any relief to Nawaz Sharif, it will be wrong to dub it a deal.

He said that the economy of the country is not stable despite taking loans.

On Nawaz Sharif’s health, he said that Nawaz Sharif was suffering from multiple diseases. He said that if Nawaz Sharif was suffering from heart problem, why he has been brought to Services Hospital and why not to a relevant hospital.