ISLAMABAD - Professional Squash Association (PSA) continues to give step-motherly treatment to Pakistan Squash Federation as despite the fact Pakistan was the undisputed king of squash and ruled the world for almost four decades.

Highly placed sources have confirmed to The Nation that Pakistan Squash Federation had requested PSA to allocate 8 tournaments: one $30k for men in Islamabad, one $10k for women, one $20k for men also in Islamabad, two men and women for Lahore, one $30k for men in Karachi, one $5k for women in Karachi and $20k Chief of Naval Staff in Karachi. But like witnessed in 2018 when PSA demanded $5000 each for awarding Pakistan PSA tournaments and they managed to get the PSF blackmailed and pocketed $35k in the name of so-called security, the PSA is again demanding $5000 each for allowing Pakistan to host PSA tournaments.

It is not only huge injustice to the home of champions Pakistan, but also a grave injustice to the people of not only Pakistan, who want to witness international mega squash stars to play in Pakistan but also to international stars as they would be deprived of the best hospitality on earth they are being treated, whenever they visit to play in Pakistan.

The PSA must understand the simple fact that all the nations, who conduct the PSA events in their respective countries are in fact helping not only the PSA but also the players and the game. If World Squash Federation and Professional Squash Association have taken things seriously and have requested Pakistan for help, the squash would have long been included in Olympics. But people sitting at the helm of affairs at WSF and PSA don’t know the ABC of squash as they neither have any squash background nor enjoy the command, which the great Jahangir Khan, Qamar Zaman, Jansher Khan and other woarld champions enjoy. If PSA has used commonsense and sought these living legends help, International Olympic Committee (IOC) would have been forced and left with no other option but to add squash in Olympic sports.

A simple question arises in everyone’s mind on what grounds, reasons and conditions, the PSA is demanding such hefty amount form the PSF. Why they don’t understand a simple fact, Pakistan is fighting war against terrorism and had given so many sacrifices as frontline state in fight against terrorism. Pakistanis has suffered baldy due to this war and Pakistani athletes and masses are the worst victims. A generation has been deprived of watching international stars in action at Pakistani soil. Pakistan has faced huge international sporting isolation as none of the international teams or international federations ever tried to help this nation, who believes in sports more than any other nation of the world. Pakistan is known for providing not only over the moon facilities to players and officials (which is dully obliged by the visiting teams, individuals) and the way Pakistan Squash Federation had given red-carpet welcome to players and provided the facilities it was second to none.

The squash courts, whether they are in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi or even in Quetta, where only last year world’s elite group of players were gathered to play exhibition matches, Pakistani security forces provide all the visiting teams and players red-box security. Whenever Pakistani or even other international players went out to play at any international venue, nobody cares about them. But in Pakistan, every visiting player, whether he or she is amongst the elite group of players or still struggling to make impact, they all are given warm welcome straight from the hearts of Pakistanis.

The unparallel sacrifices given by Pakistani armed forces and security agencies have ensured full-fledge peace return to Pakistan and Islamabad is declared as the safest city in South Asia and number of international matches, including Davis Cup, Futsal, hockey, cricket, PSL were held in highly befitting manner and not a minor untoward incident had occurred. Then on what grounds and reasons, the PSA is reluctant to allow Pakistan host tournaments. It is hoped that the PSA will use commonsense and allocate not only the tournaments the PSF has requested as helping Pakistan is helping squash and players. Sponsors are already lending helping hand to the PSF and with lot of ifs and buts from the PSA, putting extra demands and using pressure tactics will all but kill not only federations’ efforts, but also the futures of Pakistani players, who are long deprived from playing alongside best in the business at their own soil.