Yet another alleged ‘encounter’ by law enforcement agencies in Sahiwal took four lives. As per the report of counter-terrorism department, the victims were wanted terrorist but eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims contradict this part of the story. Soon after media highlighted the incident, condemnations poured in from the government and as usual, a joint investigation team was formed to investigate the incident.

Whether the victims were terrorists or not will be known after a thorough investigation. However, at this point in time, one feels indignant that a 13 year old girl is killed and a 10 year old boy is injured in the alleged encounter. While the case of Naqeeb Mehsud is still not solved, this unfortunate incident adds insult to injury. The irony of fate is that in such cases the relatives of victims have to run from pillar to post to seek justice.

Law enforcement agencies must uphold the simple rule that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The state is like a mother and it must grant the fundamental right to a fair trial to every citizen. The honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan is requested to ensure that every child (citizen) of the state enjoys this fundamental right.


Lakki Marwat, January 20.