Corruption is one of the biggest issues all over the world. Simply corruption means adopting unfair means to achieve something illegally. And it is one of the most alarming problems in Pakistan. Pakistan is ranked as the 117th least corrupt nation out of 175 countries according to the 2018 Corruption Perception Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption ranked in Pakistan average 109.04 from 1995 until 2018 reached an all time high of 144 and it can horribly increase in upcoming years.

Furthermore, in Pakistan majority of the people are corrupt. Every institution is lead by the corrupt people, such as education institutions are one of the most corrupt sectors in Pakistan and healthcare, hospital staff acts 25 doctors and nurse reports 13, Sport sector, taxation, etc. Each and every office is mingled with this disease which has emptied the economy of the country.

Until no one takes any action about the corruption, our country is going to face inflation, poverty and unemployment in a larger scale. Therefore, I request to government to take action against corruption. Due to corruption our country is backward and it will never let the country to be prosperous.