Rawalpindi-Like other parts of the country, Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed in the city on Wednesday by various political, politico-religious parties and members of civil society to renew the pledge of continuing support to Kashmiris fighting for their right of self-determination.

This time the day is being observed after India revoked the special status of Occupied Kashmir in August last year in a total breach of all international laws, imposing an indefinite curfew.

Seminars, walks, and literary sittings were arranged in various parts of the city to mark the day.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also held a mammoth public gathering outside Lal Haveli to express solidarity with Kashmiris. He in an address to public said the people of Pindi would fight along with Pakistan Army against Indian forces if Indian PM Narendra Modi tried to show some stunt.

He said the Kashmir issue is a core issue between two atomic nations and it should be resolved as per resolutions of United Nations and aspirations of Kashmiri people. He said avoiding war with India will be successes of foreign diplomacy. “However, Indian should not take silence and wish for peace by Pakistan as a sign of weakness. We are always ready to fight with India,” he said. He said Pakistan Army and nation are fully prepared to defend the homeland.

He said the whole leadership is united under the flag of Prime Minister Imran Khan and there are no differences among cabinet members. He said he admitted the price hike and sufferings of people of Pakistan and the PTI could not solve the problems of people it claimed before coming into power. Sheikh Rashid said Imran Khan and his cabinet would complete the five year tenure.

Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan also held Ummat-e-Rasool rally to express solidarity with Kashmiris. The rally was led by Deputy Secretary General JI Raza Ahmed Shah and attended by General Secretary Syed Arif Sherazi, Bilal Zahoor and many others. The rally was also participated by Shia Ulema Council members including Allama Kausar Abbas, Nazakat Naqvi and Javed Shah. The speakers condemned the Indian forces’ brutalities against the innocent and helpless Kashmiris. They urged United Nations and other international community to come forward to save the Kashmiris from suppressions of Indian army. They said the Kashmiris would soon get liberty from India. They said Paksitani nation and government are standing with Kashmiri people in their struggle for liberty. They demanded India to lift curfew from occupied Kashmir.

Similarly, National Highways and Motorway Police arranged ceremonies at all the Toll Plazas to express solidarity with Kashmiri people. The ceremonies were organised on orders of DIG Motorway Zone Ashfaq Ahmed. All the senior and junior officers attended the ceremonies and distributed Pakistani and Kashmiri flags among the travellers.