KARACHI - International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), the mother body of the sport, has rebuffed Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) and in a blunt letter sent to its president had stated that it could not approve or recognise the elections of the PBF held in Lahore on December 20 that had allegedly reelected Doda Khan Bhutto as head of the national body.

Through a letter issued from the headquarters of AIBA in Lausanne on January 4, signed by Executive Director of AIBA Ho Kim and addressed to Doda Khan Bhutto, the international body has avoided the diplomatic niceties and in plains words drew the attention of the PBF head towards a number of alleged illegal steps taken before holding the elections and stated: “We write regarding the Elective General Council Meeting that took place on December 20, 2012. It is with regret that we must inform you that in accordance with Article 34 of the AIBA Bylaws, AIBA cannot, at this stage, approve and recognise the PBF election results.”

PBF secretary M Akram Khan, who had hotly contested convening of the general body and had accused the PBF president of diverting PBF worth millions of rupees of boxing funds away from the PBF accounts, has e-mailed the letter to media outlets on Saturday. However, there is one interesting fact about the letter. It is on a plain paper and not on the AIBA letter head.

The AIBA has given following list of reasons which it clarified were not exhaustive that had forced it to write the letter. “The AIBA has received complaints from PBF affiliated units/associations alleging the elections were organised and convened in breach of the PBF Constitution. The amended PBF constitution has not been fully approved by AIBA, moreover, you added some articles to it the day before the elections, without the approval of AIBA.

Following a petition of representatives of the Islamabad Boxing Association (IBA), a Court in Islamabad issued on December 19, 2012 an order requiring the elections to be postponed and for the status quo position to remain in force until a further hearing. We understand a hearing was due to take place on December 22, 2012 but have received no further information on this.

Given the above, AIBA has decided to investigate this matter and will take any appropriate action or measure, if necessary, in order to ensure that PBF acts in full compliance with local laws, the AIBA Statutes and Bylaws and PBF Constitution (as approved by AIBA).

We suggest having a meeting with you in Lausanne, at the AIBA HQs Office, while you are here to attend the AIBA Athletes & Youth Commission Meeting later on this month in order to discuss this matter in more detail with you and finalize the contents of the PBF Constitution with our legal department. Please confirm your agreement to this proposal.

In the meantime, please provide us with a written report on the matter, in particular please provide us with details of each step you took (with reference to the PBF Constitution) to organize the elections and notify affiliated units/associations of the elections. Please also let us know the current status of the court order.

The copies of the letter have been marked to Dr Ching-Kuo Wu, AIBA President, Mrs Patricia Steulet, AIBA External Relations Director, Gofur Rakhimov, ASBC President and Mrs Michelle Riondel, AIBA Legal Director. 

AIBA to make sure that the letter reaches the PBF president, has sent the letter on all the following three available e-mail addressees of Doda Khan. “dodakhanbhutto@gmail.com/dodakhan_bhutto@msn.com/pakistanboxingfederation1@gmail.com”.