ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is all set to take giant leap in its preparations for the upcoming general elections, as today (Sunday) party is going to announce its parliamentary board tasked to award party tickets as well as PTI’s volunteer arm - Tabdili Razakar Mohim (change volunteer movement).

Earlier, it was decided that senior PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi will be heading the parliamentary board, however, as per new arrangements Imran Khan himself will head the board while Qureshi will be its general secretary.

Other leaders including Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Hamid Khan, Justice (Retd) Wajihud Din, Dr Arif Alvi and others will be the members of the parliamentary board that would decide to award party tickets to candidates ahead of general elections 2013.

The composition of parliamentary board has already been finalised and the PTI’s Political and Strategic Committee, which is supposed to meet on Sunday under the chairmanship of Imran Khan, will approve it.

Imran Khan will also address a news conference here at party’s central office on Sunday upon conclusion of PSC meeting. The PSC will also take into account the PTI’s intra-party elections, advancement on new constitution of the party and current and future course of action of the party. PTI Central Vice President and Head of the Chairman’s Office Naeemul Haque talking to TheNation said soon after the announcement of parliamentary board the interested candidates would be asked to submit their credentials and other relevant information with the board.

“It has already been decided that tickets would be awarded on merit and keeping in mind the stated policy of the party in this regard,” Haque said.

To a question, Haque said party chairman had categorically stated the point of view of PTI over the issue of Tahirul Qadri. “Definitely, PTI supports the cause of Tahirul Qadri and his demand of electoral reforms. However, PTI will never become part of any design aimed to postpone elections in the country, thus participation in Qadri march is out of question.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to mobilise and to further involve youth in party’s day-by-day affairs ahead of general elections, the PTI Chief Imran Khan will be formally launching Tabdili Razakar Mohim on Sunday (today).

PTI leader Asad Umer has been designated as overall in-charge and Coordinator of the volunteer movement - which is aimed to engage one million youngsters in several tasks ranging from data entry operating to running membership campaign and door-to-door election campaign.

Youngsters having expertise in the fields of research, writing, creative designing, graphic designing, web developing, reporting, photographing, lawyers, doctors, poets, music composing, social welfare activities, data entry operators, door-to-door campaigners etc would be hired as volunteers to build the image of PTI among masses ahead of elections.

Researchers will be hired with an aim to identify and perform research on political and socio-economic issues of respective areas of the volunteer researchers, while writers will be given task to write and make it publish in newspapers

“PTI needs support of writers who have the necessary writing skills to write for PTI (English/Urdu). There are a number of areas where the writings can be published, such as letters to the editors, columns in newspapers or speeches etc.,” said a PTI leader.

He further said that PTI would like the lawyers joining this movement of independent judiciary and rule of law and doctors who could help PTI in setting up medical camps to help the poor class in living a healthy life.

Volunteers will also be given tasks to organize and strengthen organiational set ups of PTI across the country, to hold membership camps, door-to-door campaign, engaging people through phone calls, messaging etc.