KARACHI - Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri said that Islamabad is keen to hold dialogues with terrorists as the Pakistan’s foreign policy is made by the US, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Speaking at a conference at Nishtar Park here Sunday, the PST chief said that some terrorists are using the name to Sunni sect, but, he added, not even a single person involved in terrorism was found linked to the sect during the last 66 years. He regretted that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has lot of time for the handful miscreants, but is unavailable for the 120 million people of the country.

“It is irony of the situation that the government is having dialogues with those who are producing terrorists,” the said adding the PST always condemned the drone attacks in tribal areas. He said that the government is not interested in punishing the terrorists who have tarnished the country’s image across the world and made life of the school-going children hell. He accused that terrorism is flourishing day by day with the support of the government.

Qadri said that the PST would not let any one create another East Pakistan; hence his party would support the strike call of the Awami Tehreek. He said that there is a friendly wrestling between some political parties in the country. He said that his party wanted to bring a revolutionary change in the country through education.

Dr Muhammad Asif Ashraf Ali Jalali, Muhammad Shahid Ghauri, Rabab Ali Soomro, Muhammad Ali Jang, Allama Raza Khan, Shadab Raza Qadri, Noor Ahmed Qasmi, Sahibzada Shah Owais Norani, and others also spoke on the occasion.