Radical Muslims kill non-Muslims to get their paradise in the afterlife. Western world obliterates Muslims to makes the existing world a paradise. This quest for paradise has made the sane world hell.

Meanwhile, the rapid climate change has brought the world on the discussion table. It is good to know that after two decades of conferences, the world’s leadership reached on a consensus about climate change peacefully.

As the preamble to the Paris talks, US president Obama has made a tremendous speech by reaffirming the commitment to assist the developing world. Obama emphasized on the need of cooperation among the developed countries rather than conflict.

Meanwhile, Obama has warned ISIS leaders that ‘they are next’. Since then, the war against terrorism has been spreading its roots intensively. Pentagon claims to have killed an ISIS leader in Libya. It was the first US military air strike against ISIS in Libya. Later, US asserted that at least 10 ISIS members who were operating in Syria and in Iraq had been killed.

On the other hand, ISIS leaders are making the life hell on earth for the Iraqi and Syrian people. A fatwa recently issued by the ISIS leadership on using their female slaves as sexual subjects, depicts that they are riding roughshod over local population. Their brutal acts are forcing people to flee their homes in dismay.

In short, on the both sides, the pride of being human has been smearing with feces for many years and this is how a large number of world’s population is going to celebrate this New Year.

It is crystal clear that ISIS has emerged as a new threat to the solidarity and peace of the world. If we see in a broader way it is not only a threat to the Western civilization, but they are also clawing their ways to the depth of Eastern societies, which means total destruction of humanity.

The world has recently seen the bloodiest and most horrid attacks in Sousse, Ankara, Over Sinai, Beirut, Paris, Pakistan and in Iraq and Syria which left nothing but human ashes and terror to prevail.

It is an imperceptible point that world’s leader will talk about peace and harmony for the third world countries without avoiding conflict.

The French foreign minister Laurent Fabious is of the view that it is France’s responsibility to help address two of the greatest challenges of the century: combating terrorism and fighting climate change .

However, if the west keeps bombing innocent people, they are sowing the seeds of hatred and antagonism in the minds of new generations.

Prejudice, debased justice system, war-like situations, exploitation of the poor nations, hollow promises of progress, restlessness in the Muslims communities  and fear in Western people are the gifts of New Year from the Western world.

If this phenomenon of terrorism could be resolved by force then the Taliban should have been eradicated by now. ISIS is perceived as the deadliest terrorist organization in the world right now. Its emergence has highlighted the flaws of American policies and actions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

US forces are still in Afghanistan and in Iraq, striving to ‘implement democracy’ and here comes Syria as the next target.

The question therefore is: what have 13 years of Iraq war brought to the world? Toppling dictators without filling power vacuum and denying responsibility for the loss of human lives is never going to work. No wonder America and its allies have been lambasted and branded with infamy by their own citizens for a long time.

Now in Syria, the West is aiming to enforce a system which is capable of restoring peace and stability. But in reality the west moves by financial benefits. They might shroud everything as ‘morality’ but it has nothing to do with the so called democratic values.

One impasse in the situation is that ISIS has taken control in different Syrian areas. The western military invasion in Syria, Libya and northern Iraqis is only increasing terrorism. Especially after the Paris incident, efforts have been speeded up to bomb targets in Syria to show solidarity with France. But Russia is backing Assad’s regime, which means the battle is not just between East and West.

Paris, London, Moscow, Brussels, Ankara, Madrid, Belgium and New York were busy taking precautions against terror attacks on New Year’s Eve. Some of them cancelled their official celebrations. People were advised to avoid public gatherings especially on internationally famous places. The fear of life and unexpected occurrence of terrible events is keeping them hostages in their own houses.

ISIS is using the ongoing Syrian crisis to grow in strength. They have also managed to create agony and distress among the people on both sides. To my mind, West is leaving no stone unturned to help them in this regard.

Syrian crisis is inextricable in nature and the radical approach is causing moral and physical paralysis to the world as a whole. What has to be understood is that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is an explicit example of how America and its allies were thwarted and brought a spiral of violence in their societies. Using the excuse of security, the invasions grew over the years and infected the human societies with never ending humanitarian sufferings.

War is not a solution. The developed world ought to play their role in making a peaceful and prosperous world. It is a crucial time for the world to ponder over the possibilities to avert the disputes and confrontation. To find a solution, empowering developing countries through financial and political stability is required. The financial and political imperatives are inevitable to combat terrorism and let the people focus on many other issues rather than striving for their own survival.