OKARA-Okara district stands 13th in Punjab province and 1st in Sahiwal division by population, according to results of the recent census conducted under Election Reforms Act. Results of the census reveal that Lahore district stands 1st, Faisalabad district 2nd, Multan 3rd, Rawalpindi 4th, Gujranwala 5th, Rahim Yar Khan 6th, Muzaffargarh 7th, Sialkot 8th, Sargodha 9th, Bahawalpur 10th, Sheikhupura 11th, Kasur 12th and Okara district stands 13th in Punjab province.

In Sahiwal division, the census results place Okara at 1st with the population of 3039,139 individuals, Sahiwal at 2nd with 2517,560 inhabitants, Pakpattan at 3rd with 1823,687 dwellers.

As per population, Okara district would be granted four National Assembly seats and eight seat of the provincial assembly. Whereas divisional headquarter Sahiwal would be given three National Assembly seats and seven seats of the provincial assembly. Pakpattan district would get two seats of National Assembly seats and five of provincial assembly. Thus nine MNAs would enter National Assembly from Sahiwal division and 21 MPAs would sit in the provincial assembly.


The Theekry Pehra System in rural areas is still beneficial to alleviate crime i.e. rustling. Villagers told DPO Hassan Asad Alvi during his visit to Ravi Police Station for inspection.

The DPO said that front desks, better cleanliness, police behaviour of cops at police station would bring positive results. He said that the idea of front desk system at police stations had been introduced to facilitate public in lodging complaints. He said that people now can get online FIRs and other essential information from the front desks. He advised Ravi police SHO Rao Hussain to ensure cleanliness at the police station.

Bank robbery

Dacoits snatched Rs200,000 and a cell phone from a citizen at a private bank near Noorpur Canal here the other day. Abid Ali submitted an application to the Kasur Saddr police stating that he was at the bank when three men including Abu Bakr came; snatched Rs200,000 and a cell phone from him at gunpoint and fled away.

The police registered a case against the accused and launched investigation.