Dera Ghazi Khan-The sale of edibles particularly fish is on the rise as the winter season is at its peak in Dera Ghazi Khan and mountainous tribal area.

A massive rush is being witnessed at fish outlets in the city and at Indus River Bridge located at Ghazi Ghat, National Highway, 18km away from the city. The fish stalls at Ghazi Ghat remain crowded with families who come to these outlets from across the district to hit cold with fried tasty fish.

Talking to The Nation, Sadique, one of the fish stall holders, said that various kinds of fish including Rahu, Sanghara and Dambra were being served at these stalls. Fried fish is available at Rs450 to Rs650 per kilogramme while fried Indus River fish is being sold at Rs800 to 1,000 a kilogramme. He added that fish sale season consists of five months. It starts from November and ends at March each year. The sale of fish witnessed a record increase during the current winter as compared to last year because harsh cold bellowed from November this year.

Haider Malang, another fish seller, who has been in the business for the last 30 years, said that more than 150 people are engaged on those 40 fish stalls while Sunday and Friday of every week are generally earning days for them. He shared that to fry fish, sellers use Desi Masala ingredients like chili, turmeric, coriander seeds, ginger, Ajwain, garlic and banaspati ghee. He earns Rs1,500-2,000 per day in winter, while each labourer gets Rs350 per day as wages and two labourers work on one fish stall, he said.

Ismail Khan, the member of a five-men group, said, "They like eating fish at the bank of river in such a cold weather. "Every weekend, we come here instead of going anywhere else to eat fish," he said.

Assistant Professor Dr Haroon Bilal said, "Fish is nutritionally nutritious and tasty. White meat has essential fatty acids containing high quality protein and many other major nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke, he said.

He said cardiac and diabetic patients can use fish easily. Moreover, fish helps fight cold and it is a great gift of the Nature for the human being. He also advised people to avoid eating fried fish at substandard outlets.

In DG Khan City, the vendors are also being witnessed selling uncooked fish on handcarts, bicycles and makeshift stalls at Rs250 to 400 per kilogramme.