Quetta - The already battered PML-N led government in Balochistan suffered another blow as Labour Minister Miss Rahat Jamali and Adviser to CM on Excise and Taxation Mir Abdul Majid Abro resigned on Friday.

Abro was appointed only a couple of days ago as a replacement to Amanullah Notezai, who had joined the opposition camp by signing the no-trust motion.

Besides Notezai, PML-N ministers Sarfaraz Bugti and Mir Sarfraz Chakar Domki have also resigned from their posts, making things deeply troublesome for the four-party coalition government in the province.

The governor has called the assembly session on January 9 wherein the house would take up the no-trust motion, submitted in the house on Jan 2 which carries signatures of 14 legislators.

Opposition claims they have support of enough lawmakers to derail Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri’s government. Zehri on the other hand is confident of his survival, claiming support of around 45 MPs.

The move is being seen by many analysts as the work of establishment, aimed at preventing PML-N gains in the upcoming Senate vote.

Observes of the local scene say a tribal troika, who would capitalise on every instance of political instability in the province, is once again out to grind their axe and it was they who are providing fuel to this pandemonium.

The coalition regime of the four parties – PML-N, PkMAP, NP and PML-Q – had many roadblocks since coming into power.

A power sharing accord was signed between PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif, PkMAP chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai and National Party president Hasil Khan Bizenjo in Murree.

As per the accord, the slot of CM was to be kept by both PML-N and NP for half of the total tenure and NP candidate Dr Malik Baloch was given the chance to take the slot first.

Now that the second half of the government tenure is ongoing and PML-N man, Sanaullah Zehri, is in the saddle the no-trust motion has presented a challenge.

Though two alliance partners of PML-N, PkMAP and NP, have vowed to firmly stand with Zehri, the CM is confronting sedition from some of his own party members and the PML-Q.


Yet another setback for CM Zehri