It is now an open secret that the US used its latest technology to bring unprecedented rains in 2010 in our country that wreaked havoc in the form of worst floods. In July last year, the rains started abruptly and a disaster of a colossal magnitude took a heavy toll of lives. The experts opine that it was the handiwork of HAARP. It is the acronym of High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. More than 2 million hectare of crops were washed away. Almost 25 million people in 80 districts were severely affected by this man-made tragedy which was unleashed by HAARP which is assisted by the US navy and Air Force. It brought about catastrophe in Pakistan through floods merely in 3 days. The global meteorological departments simply could not prognosticate the incessant rains. The experts are of this point of view that Nature has nothing to do with this deluge. The Americans realize this grave reality that they cannot lock horns with Pakistan as far as nuclear war is concerned because it will bring a nuclear holocaust throughout the world. Thus they successfully waged a weather war in the form of flash floods that resulted in bringing the worst calamity in Pakistan in the form of unnatural and unrelenting downpours. The US government is hell bent to spread its hegemony over the world till 2020 and for this it has now started using Weather Weapons. Russia has blamed US for igniting fires in its forests. The European Union has strongly condemned the HAARPs sinister designs. It has passed a resolution calling it a great menace to humanity. China, Russia, Japan have sternly admonished the US government for using nature for disasters. It is believed that Tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan were precipitated by the US. All the countries affected by HAARP have lodged their protest with the American bigwigs except our government. When will our government pluck up enough courage to register its complaint with the US government. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, July 4.