MIRPUR (AJK) - The honesty of Khadim Hussain, the police constable who had earlier handed over a missing wallet to the owner, was acknowledged by his officers with cash award and a certificate of appreciation.

Mirpur Senior Superintendent Police Raja Irfan Salim gave away the cash award of Rs10,000 along with a certification of appreciation to Police Constable Talib Hussain posted at Mirpur city police station. He had set the great example of honesty during the course of his professional duties by handing over the missing purse of passerby containing cash worth over Rs150,000 to his real owner.

“In the hustle-bustle life of mostly vested interests and selfish motives, there are still good characters bearing exceptionally high moral values and honesty and symbol of precedent for others,” he said.

The constable had found the purse fallen at the roadside near Khaliqabad town in the outskirts of Mirpur city when he was on way back to his home after performing his professional duties. He found the contact of the owner of the purse identified as Sheikh Sabir, the resident of adjoining Islamgarh town, through his CNIC placed in the purse and contacted him by phone to apprise him of his missing purse and asked him to get it from him.

Sheikh Sabir confirmed to the constable about falling of his purse from his pocket during travelling from Mirpur to Islamgarh. Later, Sabir got his purse from the constable along with all the cash and other valued documents placed in it. The purse's owner offered the constable of his own-willing cash prize in acknowledgement of showing exceptional honesty through returning it to him after finding his whereabouts through hectic efforts. But he refused to accept it.

The purse's owner said that he was carrying the money for purchasing dowry from the city when he lost it during travelling by motorbike.

It may be added that constable Talib Hussain did not inform any of his professional colleague including any senior police officer of his great gesture of honesty.

While giving away cash prize and the certificate of appreciation to the constable in recognition of his high character and establishing the precedent of great honesty for others, SSP Mirpur Raja Irfan Salim said that Constable Khadim had set an excellent example of honesty for all the human beings including his professional colleagues in the police service.

The district police chief appreciated Khadim Hussain for the demonstration of his good character with assurance of similar applause and appreciations for all the police officers performing their duties honestly, fairly and diligently to the satisfaction of the masses and the required needs in the service.

The SSP advised other subordinate police officials to always prefer to establish the good precedents of their fair and dedicated service to the masses by following the footsteps of the honest officers like constable Khadim Hussain.