LAHORE - Pakistan People’s Party Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira says it is very strange that two judges of the Supreme Court declared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as disqualified but they (PML-N) are still asking that what allegations were against them.

He said the Muslim League never sacrificed in the country’s history and now its leaders were saying that revenge was being taken from them. Kaira was addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association on the day his party was observing as ‘a black day’ to condemn Zia’s dictatorial rule in the country.

Qamar Zaman Kaira was the second opposition leader after Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed who visited the bar Wednesday on its invitation in backdrop of Supreme Court Bar Association and Lahore High Court Bar Association’s joint move against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his resignation over Panama leaks’ case.

The PPP leader asked PM Nawaz to clearly tell the public that who was taking revenge from him and his family rather than claiming that “state is under threat,” He said the Supreme Court made Joint Investigation Team and handed it over the questionnaire to hold inquiry.

“Do you mean by this the state is under threat?” he raised a question adding that “who is there except the judiciary which is holding accountability - why don’t you say it openely.”

“It is matter of great concern that Chief Executive of the State is giving such statement,” Kaira remarked. The former information minister further said that Imran Khan was also facing the cases and his matter was sent to the Election Commission but he never said that revenge was being taken from him. He stated Sharifs could not dare to pressurise the state institutions, fearing that they might now testify against them.

Kaira held businessmen should not be the rulers; because they deal everything with the sense of ‘profit’, Kaira said while quoting Hazrat Ali (RA). “Our PM would have been sent home if were there instead of Sharifs,” he said. Now there were worries and a minister like Ishaq Dar was crying over the accountability and saying that there daughters were appearing for inquiries.

Earlier he recalled his party’s struggle for the country, saying that “it is only the PPP which has sacrificed for rule of law and has given it a system.” He said it were the Jiyalas who never hesitated from any sacrifice for the party and its leaders but on other side, there was no such example on the part of PML-N.

“Two times, Mian Nawaz Sharif was sent back from the airport but nobody from their party could come out,” he said. “During difficult times on PML-N, Kalsoom Nawaz’s vehicle was lifted at the Mall Road but no one could dare to even face a beating for their leader’s wife,” he added.

“Muslim league never sacrificed in the country’s history,” Kaira maintained.

About PPP’s five-year rule before the present government of the PML-N, he said they took the rule when the country was under serious threat of terrorism and the whole world was going through a big financial crisis. “Mumbai was attacked by the terrorists and the country was facing the threat of international isolation,” Kaira said, adding that even the Muslim states which are now being supported by the government also ignored Pakistan at that difficult time.

“These Muslim states never stood with Pakistan; we are not bound to protect them rather than the holy cities,” Kaira highlighted.

Leaders of the Peoples Lawyers’ Forum and the Lahore High Court Bar Association also spoke on the occasion. During the ceremony, the PPP lawyers also chanted slogans against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

They also took rally at GPO Chowk to press the demand of the bars regarding PM’s resignation over Panama case.

The LHCBA started its movement against PM Nawaz over Panama leaks’ case, demanding him to step down. The bar leaders say the PM has lost justification to remain in office.