HYDERABAD             -      As many as 1564 COVID-19 patients out of 3182 had been recovered in Hyderabad district since the outbreak of coronavirus on March, 9 while 1568 patients were still under treatment at isolation centers,in home isolation and 40 had succumbed to the contagion.   According to official figures received by APP here on Sunday, as many as 18055 COVID-19 tests had so far been conducted in the district till July 05, of them 3182 cases were diagnosed as COVID-19 positive while 14873 tested negative.  According to health officials, out of 3182 patients, 154 were members of Tableeghi Jamaat,  119 students, 190 housewives, 178 government employees, 92 doctors, 64 health service providers, 88 corporate employees, 53 retired employees, 32 shopkeepers, 44 bank employees, 56 businessmen, 16 under trial prisoners,  43 Police Department employees, three Ehsaas employees and 88 others had been tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 50% were recovered from the viral infections.