Some people say that the recent power and energy crisis is because of wrong polices of previous government whereas another group is of the view that it is because of a sharp increase in demand plus the new climatic changes. These theories can also be described as different regional points of view. When we observe the power deficit in my district, it is totally different in nature from the one on the national level. Our district Chitral is the only one in Pakistan having extra power available to it. According to a national English daily, there is an extra 2MW power in Reshun hydel power station that can be provided to Chitral city anytime. At the national level, though, the crisis of power is much more severe than in my district. There is no easy solution as the economy is declining day by day. The common labourers are losing their jobs and the life of a common Pakistani has become a burden instead of a blessing because of the power shutdown. The power related demonstrations could be seen in every part of our country. Our country is blessed with huge natural resources but the policymakers never bothered about it. It seems they had been so tunnel-visioned that they had never visualised the current situation, where the power deficit has reached 3000 MW and is still soaring up. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, May 24.