ISLAMABAD - Ignoring the alarming increase in pollution, especially air and water pollution, and demands of the masses for a strategy to cope with the issue, the Federal Government, in its budget, 2010-2011, has come up with a single new project. Japanese Policy and Human Resource Development (PHRD)s grant through World Bank for implementation of the National Environment Policy is a new scheme having an allocation of Rs 15.368 million while Rs 984.631 million has been allocated for 27 ongoing schemes. According to the budget allocations for the ongoing schemes, the Government allocated major chunk of allocation of Rs 200.000 million for the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto CNG Bus Project. Establishment of Environmental Monitoring System in Pakistan is an important ongoing project of the Environment Ministry, for which Rs 96.274 million has been allocated for the facial year, 2010-2011. Under Water Waste Management, Rs 4.48 million would be provided for environment protection. For Activity Based Capacity Development Project (ABCD), an amount of Rs 40.000 million has been allocated. About the said project, it has been learnt that despite spending huge amount of Rs 67.943 million till June 2010, the project could not come up with constructive results showing lack of interest on part of the authorities concerned. Under the environmental policy, the implementation department should increase environmental awareness among the masses, for which Rs 7.755 million has been allocated in the budget. Rs 50 million has been allocated for the ongoing project of Institutional Capacity Building for ENERCON, while for the project of Global Change Impact Study Centre, Rs 90.000 million has been earmarked. Under the non-development expenditures, Rs 222 million has been provided to the Environment Ministry. It has been learnt that during the year 2009-2010, the Environment Ministry has failed to achieve various targets in the environment sector because of unavailability of the required funds. 65 projects are in the process of implementation with a total allocation of around Rs 6.7 billion. The focus areas included capacity building, clean drinking water, biodiversity, air pollution control, and watershed management. However, due to financial crunch, the release of funds was inadvertently delayed, which severely slowed down the implementation progress.