LAHORE - Defence analysts during a Waqt TV talk show exposed the anti-Pakistan policies of India and stressed a need for taking action against the forces saving the interests of the enemy by living in Pakistan.

The analysts including Maj-Gen (r) M Javed, Salman Abid, General (r) Ghulam Mustafa and Brig (r) Syed Ghazanfar participated in the talk show that was hosted by The Nation Editor Salim Bukhari.

Mr Ghulam Mustafa said that Pakistan is an ideological state. Some people and institutes in Pakistan are cutting the roots of Pakistan as they always talk about making friendship with India and burying the Two Nation Theory.

Mr Salman Abid criticised the media for blaming Pakistani government when the Pathankot incident took place in India. He also flayed the Pakistani media institutions for always talking about friendship with India.

Brig (r) Ghazanfar said that the Indian media always carried out propaganda against Pakistan and attacked the national integrity. He disclosed that there two big terrorists in the region – Indian Prime Minister Modi and Agit Kumar Doval. He said that the Pathankot incident was Indian drama and the world should take notice of it.

Gen (r) Ghulam Mustafa said that those do not save the interests of Pakistan are our enemies. He said self-regard nations do not sell out their respect and dignity. Salman Abid said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his love in various media interviews he made with the media group that promotes the idea of Amn Ki Aasha.

General (r) Javed said that India is investing on some people in Pakistan so as to destablise our country; and to show Kashmir from out of the Pakistan boundary in the world map is part of that Indian plan.