Perth- Latest from the cricket World Cup Pool B match between India and West Indies at the WACA today.

West Indies won the toss and opted to bat first.

West Indies innings

1st over - Mohammed Shami starts the bowling for India and Dwayne Smith cuts him through point for the first boundary of the innings. WI: 5-0

2nd over - Umesh Yadav takes the ball and bowls a tight over, giving away just a single to Smith. WI: 6-0

3rd over - Shami troubles Smith throughout the over and bowls a maiden. WI: 6-0

4th over - Another maiden and this time from Yadav to Chris Gayle. WI: 6-0

5th over - Smith (6) gets a thin edge off Shami to the wicketkeeper as West Indies lose their first wicket. It is a wicket maiden from Shami, with two runs coming on the first ball off a leg bye. WI: 8-1

6th over - Gayle gets off the mark on his 11th delivery with a single off Yadav to the leg side. WI: 10-1

7th over - Gayle goes for a wild swing off Shami and gets a top edge to third man where Yadav takes it but the ball popps out as his elbow hits the ground after a dive. WI: 14-1

8th over - Marlon Samuels (2) gets run out as Gayle stood his ground watching his miscued pull fall short of the fielder at mid-on. Gayle then hits the bowler for his first four over mid-off. Another top-edged cut shot from Gayle and this time Shami drops a tough chance. Gayle gets his first six through mid-wicket on the next ball. WI: 28-2

9th over - Another four for Gayle as he picks up Shami to wide long-on. But Shami has his revenge as Gayle (21) hits a top-edged pull straight to Mohit Sharma at deep sqaure leg. WI: 35-3

10th over - Denesh Ramdin gets out for a golden duck as he drags Yadav back on to his stumps. Lendl Simmons gets off the mark on his first ball with three. WI: 38-4