KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) legislator Khurrum Sherzaman has demanded the resignation of Sindh local government minister over reports that the water supply in 13 districts of Sindh is unfit for human consumption.

Sherzaman expressed outrage over the news that majority of water samples collected from surface and underground in 13 districts of Sindh, including all six Karachi districts, by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) in a recent survey had been found to be unfit for human consumption.

He also blasted the Sindh government, particularly the Local Government Ministry for hardly doing anything in the last nine years to tackle this serious health issue.

PTI legislator vowed to take up this matter in the Sindh Assembly by submitting an adjournment motion today(Monday, March 6) and by demanding the resignation of Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro for his failure to provide clean water to the residents of these 13 districts.

He pointed out that Dr Ghulam Murtaza of the PCRWR had been regularly analysing the water samples in Sindh for the past several years and as per reports there had been no improvement in the quality of water being supplied.

“This is a solid proof of the incompetency of not only the current Sindh government, but also of the past governments,” he commented.

Sherzaman urged the Sindh CM to take notice of this grave health issue by revamping the existing treatment and filtration plants and investing in additional plants and stopping dumping of industrial and domestic waste in water bodies by enforcing existing environmental laws.