KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Monday admitted that some of his party lawmakers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had sold their votes in Senate elections.

He was addressing the media in the Sindh capital upon the joining of his party by some showbiz celebs.

Imran, who was on a two-day visit to Karachi, called upon National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to launch investigation into horse-trading in Senate polls.

The chairman said the PTI constituted a committee to investigate the matter and stern action would be taken against the lawmakers involved in horse trading.

He added: “I am not confirm who exactly took money to change loyalties but a few statics came as an information to my knowledge about Rs40 million was set to buy the conscience of each lawmaker. It was disappointing news. The entire episode is actually against the democracy.”

He said: “I salute those party lawmakers who turned down the offers and remained loyal to the party, but the story does not end here and strict action will be taken against those who took money for votes.”

PTI chief said that it was regrettable that none of the state institutions took the matter of horse trading during Senate polls.

The ECP should have taken an immediate action but it failed to act, he added.

About Karachi situation, Imran said the city of lights has been victim of terrorism for the last 35 years and the provincial government was responsible for ‘handing over the country’s financial hub to mafias’.

“The godfather who has brought with the agenda of ruining the port city had fled to London while ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) took the Karachi as a cow that only ought to be milked. Karachi would have been like Dubai, had it not witnessed the politics of anarchy. Karachi is like heirless property as no one owned the city and used it for their personal gains spreading atmosphere of terror.”

Imran said that since long the educated people of city stayed away from politics due to the fear but now the situation is different and people from all walks of the were joining the Karachi`s politics.

“I am going to contest the general election from Karachi constituency adding that party leadership would choose the constituency from which I am going to contest the polls,” he said.

Accusing Sindh government of curtailing the powers of local government in the port city, he vowed to introduce new system in Karachi after coming into power.



Imran demands probe into Senate

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