Federal Minister for information and broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that statement of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi that past models cannot resolve country problems therefore there is need to search for new ways, is his confessional statement.

She further said those who were imposed upon nation for the last three decades are not accepting their failures.

In her message on social networking site twitter, SAPM said that people of Pakistan after electing Prime Minister Imran Khan has chosen a new way, those who are talking about democracy today tried to become a king in the past through constitutional amendments in their tenure.

She said in company politics all shares were remained in the possession of family and their democracy was such that elder brother was the Prime Minister, younger brother was the Chief Minister, nephew was the secretary general of the biggest province and daughter was super Prime Minister.

She said Imran Khan is that famous leader of general public who have set up real public dominion.

She said PM will inaugurate projects of public interest after reaching Karachi and will overview priorities determined for the solution of problems of Karachi.