I held a press conference on 23rd August 2017 wherein I had stated that a conspiracy had already been launched for creating anti-Pakistan grouping within KPK and FATA, which would be duly supported by Western Media. The movement would be coupled with separatists in Afghan. The nation did notice that anti-Pakistan messages were seen on the buses of UK and large display on the public transport of Switzerland.

Now groups have been created in the name of FATA demand, but at the same time, some people in the USA are hiring lobbyists to use some people in KPK and FATA.

The US authorities though have been verbally condemning terrorist attacks in Pakistan for years but despite knowing about their presence in Afghanistan, USA did not do anything to break the nexus between the terrorist groups and NDS against Pakistan. There’s no confusion regarding the fact that the NDS is supporting the terrorist groups and anti-Pakistan groups. And there is no doubt that the NDS is RAW’s poodle working against Pakistan.

I heard the latest speech of President Donald Trump on Pakistan recently, and the first thing which struck my mind was the sacrifices given by the people of FATA where every mother, father, sister and son suffered in this so-called war on terror imposed by the USA.

Thanks to our present military leadership that has refused to play further in the hands of USA and refused to extend its policies in FATA.

Both people of FATA and Army have defeated the Zaliman and other agents of NDS. Success has many claimants hence many will emerge to become the leaders on the blood sacrificed by the people of FATA and KPK.

The real right of FATA’s leadership should be given to those who fought against the Zaliman, not to those whose brothers and fathers fought with Zaliman to shed the blood of innocent people of FATA and now seen raising slogans in favour of FATA and shamelessly against the Army.

My respect, love and support FATA is well known to the people of FATA as I have always fought for the rights of people of FATA as DG FIA and subsequently as Minister of Interior. I played a crucial role in initiating the implementation of political act through the then presidency and even today there is a bounty of Rs. 1 billion on my head by TTP as I was openly fighting in favour of FATA.

I am still determined being a strong supporter of rights to all small provinces and FATA and most recently I delivered a speech in favor of the rights of people FATA. I have also supported the merger of FATA in KPK duly supported by PPP.

I will continue to support FATA politically and in person .I, however, would like to place the hard facts on record, and the ongoing anti-Pakistan and anti-FATA plans are before every patriotic eye, and we need to see the emerging negativity against Pakistan and especially the growing anti-Pakistan mind-set of Trump against Pakistan.

With the above facts, I would like to refer to my press conference last year again where I had boldly stated with evidence that anti-Pakistan hostile agencies would launch a hate plan which would be broadcasted both through electronic and print media.

Thanks to the elite intelligence which got anti-Pakistan radio station shut along with ousting of some anti-Pakistan media undercover agents.

Let’s have a look at our history when the Jehadis were brought from all over the world during the time of General Zia with his consent and it was launched with covert financial backing of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and we helped them in their fight against the Soviets. We got nothing in return only accusations and allegations. Here we Pakistanis get emotional and non-pragmatic when we fail to protect ourselves. We were bitten twice from the same hole, and poison went into every fibre of society.

In fact, first set back was given to us by Gen Zia ul Haq who had sided with the USA against the Soviet Union when he received a message from the USA through Director CIA William J. Casey in the presence of Lt Gen Akhter Abd-ur-Rehman. We fought, and USA defeated the Soviet Union with our logistic support and Americans packed and left numerous problems in FATA.

The second order of this early century was simply conveyed to General Musharraf who followed and placed his full support in the plate before the USA to attack Afghanistan post 9/11. Since then, the shock of USA war on terror is haunting like a ghost to every Pakistani and our uncounted sacrifices, financial as well as human, have been completely ignored by the USA.

I was shocked by the latest statement of Trump in which he said, “We have been paying Pakistan billions and billions of dollars.”

I would like to remind Mr Trump, “You must know that Pakistan has already spent $123.13 billion for your war on terror and we are suffering because of your war on terror for the last 16 Years either directly or indirectly.” Whereas, the US aid indicated by Trump to Pakistan during the same period was not more than US $ 30 billion which was again recycled in the war on terror. Moreover, there has been 73 percent decline in US security assistance to Pakistan since 2011, and 53 percent decrease in economic aid, as per the statistics released by your Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Mr. President we have been suffering in the hands of terrorists on daily basis.

The loved ones of those 6200 people who got killed have no help and not a word of sympathy from you. We are unable to give them an explanation as to why so many Pakistani innocent people were allowed to be killed in your war on terror. We neither have any justification to the parents of those children who lost their lives in your war on terror during the last 17 years. Not a single American came forward to at least console them. They were as dear to their loved ones as the dear ones of 2996 victims of 9/11 in your country.

Where was any fault of Pakistan or Pakistanis in 9/ 11 then why Pakistan suffered post 9/11? Have you, Mr President, ever said a single word of sympathy to the parents of these innocent people? No.

You say Pakistan is “a haven for agents of chaos, violence and terror.”

Yes, president, it was correct as all American CIA agents and trained so-called Jehadis were present, and Pakistan was a haven for them till our new Army chief bluntly decided to curb the presence of USA agents and their associates,

Yes, Mr President, it was USA who turned Pakistan’s soil into a hub of USA spymasters to launch its activities from here against Russia. It became the hub of CIA activities and your army for launching attacks against Afghanistan. You must know that it has never been the hub of terrorists or the Haqqani Network but your own CIA and undercover agents planned and implemented your GEO military operations on this soil.

We are pleased with the refusal of our defence leadership for saying no to your new GEO military order. Now you have reversed your war and engineered it via Afghanistan against the Pakistani soil where Islamic State is being nourished against Pakistan as NDS is interfering and trying to create a wedge within the people of FATA and KPK?

Our intelligence caught western media operators convincing the locals to stand against the Army and abuse them. These media operators were thrown out with evidence as we had substantive information well in advance about the funding of such anti-Pakistan movements to harm Pakistan.

These new emerging groups have more romance with terrorism and NDS is now reenergizing the TTP terrorists by coupling their links with new emerging groups within FATA to start yet another wave of terrorism from this new troika consisting of IS, new groups from FATA, and TTP.

NDS must know this will be counterproductive, as you cannot exploit the patriotic people of FATA in the name of their rights and with negative propaganda. They are our brothers and sisters, and they will get what they demand but you will never be able to break KPK, and the people in FATA as KPK are aware of western ill intentions and motives. Our forces are alert and competent enough to avert any such moves from hostile groups

Mr President Donald Trump! You must study the history of FATA and then decide should the USA stay in Afghanistan or leave.

My sincere advice to you President is that your forces should leave this region as soon as possible otherwise people of USA and world will accuse you as the defeated President in Afghanistan just like the way Mr Regan had died with the stigma of Vietnam defeat.

Pakistan will stand by you if needed, provided; you treat us at par with yourself and India. We would like to pursue our friendship with the USA for broader interest of the international community but only on equal terms.

In the end, I would request you to kindly convey this message to NDS through President Ghani to stop supporting and funding the creation of new groups in KPK and FATA. We already know who is funding them and who is giving cyber support to them and even maintaining their social media accounts and from which area of Afghanistan.

Mr President! Show some grace to this region and have this new monster of terrorism stopped before it comes to bite the USA and other world communities.

You are wrong to doubt the efficiency and potentials of our army, police and other members of the law enforcement agencies as they are very successfully and persistently fighting the miscreants. They have already killed a good number of 33711 insurgents/terrorists in Pakistan since 2003.

We hope NDS will stop destabilising Pakistan by funding and raising new anti-Pakistan groups.


The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Body on Interior and Narcotics.