LAHORE  -  Punjab Minister for Law, Par­liamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat has said the newly-promul­gated Punjab Local Govern­ment Act 2019 gives a clear roadmap for transition from old to the new system.

Speaking about salient fea­tures of the transition on Sunday, Basharat said that work would begin soon on various commit­tees and teams to plan, execute and supervise the transition.

He said, “A cabinet com­mittee of the Punjab Assem­bly headed by the provincial minister for the local govern­ment will be formed to over­see creation of the transition plan and its implementation. The committee will approve distribution of assets, liabili­ties and human resources of defunct local bodies and is­sue directions to the depart­ments concerned to ensure smooth transition. The com­mittee will consist of MPAs as its members. A provincial transition team headed by the additional chief secre­tary of Punjab and having all concerned secretaries as its members will be responsible for developing the transition plan and proposing a regime for distribution of assets, li­abilities and staff to succes­sor local bodies and offices of the provincial government. A divisional and district transi­tion team will be formed at each division and district lev­el headed by the respective commissioner and deputy commissioner respectively to perform same functions of distribution of assets, staff and liabilities in their territo­ries as per guidelines of the provincial transition team any other assignment related to the task.”