NEW DELHI (Agencies) - New Delhi played down on Saturday confusion about whether Pakistan was granting India most favoured trading nation status, saying such a step could take some time. Earlier in the week, Pakistans cabinet announced it had approved a proposal giving India the status of most favoured nation in a move towards normalising trade relations between the two countries. But later Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani was quoted by Pakistani media as saying the commerce ministry had only been tasked by the cabinet to move forward on the issue in bilateral trade negotiations. Indian media reports said Pakistan was backtracking on granting India most favoured nation (MFN) status. But on Saturday, Indian foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai urged patience. According to the information available through the Pakistan government, the cabinet has approved the process of normalisation of trade relations of which most favoured nation is a part, Mathai told reporters in New Delhi. The actual implementation would be a culmination of the normalisation process which could take some time, he said adding that with Pakistan there has been positive indications. Senior Pakistani government officials told AFP that Islamabad had decided in principle to give MFN status to India. All issues in bilateral relations will be discussed, Mathai said when asked about the agenda for the meeting between Manmohan Singh and Gilani next week. The bilateral talks are expected to be held on Friday (November 11) morning in Maldives, well-placed sources said. We are committed to building a normal and stable relationship with Pakistan. Minor trends should not derail the overall trend towards a better relationship, he said. Indias Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said he would lead a trade delegation to Islamabad next February at the invitation of his Pakistani counterpart, Makhdoom Amin Fahim. Both governments are committed to normalisation of trade relations, said Fahim, whose five-day visit to India at the head of a large business delegation is the first by a commerce minister to the country in 35 years. Pakistan said on Friday it was hoping for significant progress on normalising trade relations with India at talks in New Delhi later this month. We are extremely hopeful that there will be a major breakthrough in the next round of commerce secretaries meetings on November 14-15 in Delhi, Zafar Mahmood, the top civil servant at the commerce ministry, told reporters. We will finalise all the details in that meeting, Mahmood added.