We Pakistani are living in a system where the word permanency doesn’t exist. We can either take the example of Government and the legal system or the people in general.

Everything here is set up temporarily, without any implementation plan. A big example is our governmental system where infinitive steps are taken to provide services to the people but any policies that are drafted are forgotten the results can be seen. Only a year ago, the news that people would not be allowed to drive without licences had spread like wildfire. Under the order of the law, traffic police started stopping motorcycles and vehicles for to check driving license. Everyone seemed to posses their lisneces because notes of rupees hundred and fifty are what it takes to convince the traffic wardens. Wardens are susceptible to bribes, weakening the system of law. Bit by Bit, the rule of having licence has been forgotten by the people, despite the fact that it is for their own safety.

Recently, a rule concerning the safety helmets was introduced.. Everyone was worried about this new law as if it was seen as an equivalent to imprisonment only because not wearing a helmet means that the traffic warden can fine them. Moreover, the wardens seemed very much responsible and strict on the law and more than 3000 motorcyclists were fined in a day. But our system and government have never let anyone have permanency on the things. Eventually, this law has disappeared as well, and no police man ever asks about helmet or license. When they do, they are bribed.

The system of our country will never improve until we start become responsible. Everything must be planned for a long term and we should take responsibility.


Malir, October 22.