LAHORE-Following up with the successful series of events in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad,Pakistan’s favourite food platform ‘EAT’ returns to Lahore from Friday 08th to Sunday10th November 2019 at Jilani Park, Jail Road, Lahore.

Consisting of more than 60 Kiosks representing different kinds of cuisines from around the world; this year Lahore EAT focuses on not only food but also its patrons (public) by offering Buy One Pass and Get One Free Pass for students on the first day of the EAT festival.

In addition, to this, the festival will also consist of a Play Area and will be handicap friendly in terms of accessible to our members who require assistance of a wheelchair et al. Lahore Eat 2019 will also include performances by Pakistan’s talent including TAG, Sami Khan, Zain Zohaib just to name a few.

Indeed, the EAT is an annual food festival built around the idea of creating a common platform in a Public Space for people who love food. From the most creative and talented chefs to the street vendors, the EAT is a festival which celebrates the full diversity of food that the cities have to offer.

On the festivals return to Lahore Aslam Khan & Omar Omari of CKO Event Architecture have said: “We are overjoyed to be returning to Lahore; the nation’s food capital.