In his address in Swat, Prime Minister Imran Khan criticised the ex-Premier for targeting individuals of strategic institutions.

He stated that ex-Premier is focusing on party interests all the while sitting comfortably in London.

He said that opposition seeks NRO in return for cooperation on FATF.

Murad Saeed and CM KPK Mahmood Khan also addressed the crowd in Swat. 

He also criticised Maryam's political slogans and campaign. "I assure you, if it had been another country, she would have been thrown into jail. But because we respect women here, she is allowed to speak openly," he added. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz was getting away with using offensive language against the country's military leadership because women are respected in Pakistan.

Imran said after going to London, Nawaz and his daughter were initially silent and tried "their best" to gain an "NRO" but when the PML-N leader realised the government would not give him any relief despite "blackmail", he (Nawaz) started attacking the armed forces.

"The game he has started to attack the Pakistan Army and the Pakistani judiciary ... he is asking the armed forces to replace their army and ISI chiefs, meaning he is asking the army to revolt against the army chief to protect his own money. Who could be a bigger enemy of the country," the prime minister said, referring to Nawaz.

Imran Khan seeking NRO from us: Maryam

Shortly after Imran Khan's speech, Maryam lashed out at Prime Minister Imran over issues in governance and problem of inflation, and said the premier himself was "seeking an NRO" from the opposition.

"He keeps saying 'I won't give NRO'. Today I am announcing that he is now asking for an NRO from us," she told a large public meeting in Skardu.

Maryam, who is on a seven-day visit to Gilgit-Baltistan to lead the party’s election campaign, said the PML-N would not give NRO to the "selected" prime minister. "You were 'selected' earlier, now you are 'rejected'," she added while addressing Prime Minister Imran.

She accused the premier of having come into power by "stealing" the people's vote and "snatching" food and jobs from the poor through incompetent governance.

"Now when this government has entered its final days, neither rigging and those who do rigging nor the product of rigging Imran Khan will survive," she said, adding that Pakistan had "no other option" than Nawaz Sharif if it was to progress.

Maryam asked the youth of GB to stand up for their rights but not accept as "charity" what they rightfully deserved. "This is not the future of my youth that if they write something on Facebook or Twitter, a Vigo comes at night and takes them away," she said.