ISLAMABAD   -   Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment, Adbul Razak Dawood, has said that exports of medicines from Pakistan have increased this year. In his message on the social networking website, Twitter, the Federal Commerce and Investment Adviser said that the exports of the pharmaceutical products from Pakistan had increased by 22.6 per cent in the first quarter of the current financial year 2020-21. Dawood wrote on the social networking website that the pharmaceutical exports in the first quarter of the current financial year had increased to 68.1 million dollars as compared to 55.6 million exports in the corresponding period of the last financial year 2019-20. The federal adviser said that this increase in exports had been achieved due to hard work by the industrialists of the pharmaceutical sector and renewed focus of the present government on exports. He also expressed gratitude to Special Assistant to PM on National Health Services, Dr Faisal Sultan, and his team members for their valuable support to the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan in this regard.