LAHORE-Coke Studio released the seventh episode from its landmark Season 11 titled ‘SAHIL’ featuring “Jind Mahiya” by Shuja Haider, “Ballay Ballay” by Abrar Ul Haq and Aima Baig, “YaQurban” by Khumariyaan and “Balaghal Ula Be Kamalihi” by AbidaParveen.

Shuja Haider’s “Jind Mahiya” is an experimental rhapsody that embodies an exotic and groovy pulse throughout the track.

Shuja’s unabashed love for trying new things without failure is what makes his catalogue a musical delight.

Against a backdrop of witty and spirited lyrics, the Middle Eastern inspired beats hold a magical inventiveness that brings this choppy and fresh track under the spotlight. With staccato and minimalistic instrumentation, “Jind Mahiya” presents itself as a wonderfully novel musical piece.  What makes “Ballay Ballay” the ultimate wedding jam is Abrar UlHaq’s signature powerhouse persona coupled with Aima Baig’s joyful musings.

A Punjabi mash-up of the songs by Abrar, the track has been masterfully entwined by the house band featuring a strong groove improvised around festivity and celebration.

With the wedding season just around the corner, “Ballay Ballay” is all set to become a festive anthem of elation and jubilation.

“Ya Qurban” rightfully demands the listener’s attention as Khumariyaan transcends traditional composition to improvise within the sonic space and create a vibrant sound. Farhan’s Rubab in conversation with Shiraz’s percussions assembles a distinctive beat to produce a splendid rhythmic pattern. Babar Khanna’s dholak and the groovy bass by Mannu (Kamran Zafar) further enhance the kaleidoscopic soundscape of this track that is sure to make you swing in trance.  The splendour of “BalaghalUla Be Kamalihi” is evident by the timelessness of the Holy kalaams and the magnificence of music maestro, Abida Parveen.

The house band really shines through as they build up to the final energized crescendo with grace and poise. “BalaghalUla Be Kamalihi” is a subtle and minimalistic composition that creates an environment of spiritual awareness, leaving one overwhelmed and in awe.