The world witnessed the Anti-Pakistan and full of lies speech read by the Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj - a Minister of self-declared largest democracy. In fact India is emerging as the worst form of dictatorship under the leadership of Narendra Modi who has strong links with extremist organization RSS. Under his premiership RSS is controlling the public affairs, religious affairs as well as the media censorship. It uses terror as weapon to terrorise the opponents of PM Modi as well as minorities of the country.

The content of the speech seemed to have been written by none other than the RAW Chief Anil Dhasmana. The Indian Foreign Minister had the audacity to speak on the same forum, which has already asked India to implement the resolution of self-determination and India is constantly ignoring the said resolution. Where is the Indian respect for UNO/ International community?

It is only RSS, which is being used as the parallel force to terrorise the society whereas India today under RSS terror and the supreme command of their senior most leaders including the Premier Narendra Modi cannot afford to deviate from the terror charter of RSS. The worst part is that the terror wing of RAW has adopted RSS as its one of operational components.  The combined actions of RSS & RAW are no more a secret now and every Indian including media is scared to even utter the name of RSS.  The world witnessed the joint terrorist acts of RAW- RSS in the form of Samjhota Express and Babri Mosque attacks.

The Anti-Pakistan mindset of India is evident from Indian Supreme court’s verdict in which it granted bail in 2007-Samjhota Express incident to Lt Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit who was involved in the said terror attack, which killed 62 Pakistanis visiting India. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad declared that there was enough evidence of Purohit’s role in the said attacks.  Mr. Vikas Narain Rai, head of Indian Anti-Terrorist Squad also accused the government for trying to get Col. Prohit out and by erasing the hard evidence against the accused persons. He said that the witnesses are being forced to turn hostile and documents are being fabricated to help them due to their links with RSS. Subsequently the case supervisory officer DIG Karakary was targeted and killed in RAW stage-managed incident in Bombay.

Similarly, India’s extremist Hindu bias against Muslims can be judged by 25 year’s old Babri Masjid demolition which was done by RSS under the nose of PM Modi as the Chief Minister.

It is important to state that even the Indian Army assists RAW with terrorist attacks by providing the services of senior Army officers like Col. Prohit who was the chief provider of RDX in Samjhota Express incident.

The recent arrest of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav in Balochistan who is also an officer from regular Indian Navel force is another example of Indian State Sponsored Terrorism in Pakistan.  Yadav’s confession was very much in the mind of Sushma Swaraj while delivering her lies at UN platform. It was a display of double-faced and split personality of India as she lied with no remorse at an international forum. 

I wonder, before blaming Pakistan for terror attacks and blatantly calling it a terrorist state how could she forget about the terrorism by RSS and RAW in Pakistan for decades. There are number of examples of the incidents where India had itself engineered terrorist activities on its own soil and alleged Pakistan for them. A prime example of such incidents is 2nd January 2016’s Pathankot attack and Indian RAW orchestrated fake attack on its Uri bas close to LOC with Pakistan on 18th September 2016 and like all other previous incidents it was actually a “blatant” attempt to blame Pakistan to divert attention from the fast deteriorating human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir since the death of Burhan Wani.

Pakistan has always extended hand for friendship towards India, but India, in order to avoid peace talks followed the same old strategy of self-orchestrated terror attacks to put the blame on Pakistan for it. Just like Uri attack, India recently blamed Pakistan for the killings of three policemen in South Kashmir’s Shopian district. They did it right after our newly elected PM called for resumption of peace dialogue with Narendra Modi, so that Pakistan could be discredited and embarrassed worldwide.

India holds Hafiz Saeed responsible for 26/11 Mumbai attacks and has been demanding the extradition of Hafiz Saeed ever since 2008 whereas after 10 years of Mumbai attacks till today, India has not been able to produce any kind of evidence against him for the attacks.

We as Pakistanis condemn all kind of extremist statements also but I want to ask you Madam which Indian would have moral courage to condemn RSS and other extremist organization. Your Prime Minister also vomits his grudges against Pakistan and Muslims publically. Problem arises when you deny your army’s atrocities in Kashmir and neglect RSS’s extremism but only criticize Hafiz Saeed, a social worker. You have failed to give any evidence against him then how can you keep drumming about it? India should first worry about her own extremist elements then she has right to criticize others.

The factual position of the above events coupled with brutalities and killing of thousands of Kashmiris actually exposes your white lies.

I wish you had the courage to mention how many innocent Kashmiris your Army kills every week and I wish you had mentioned the latest report of International Human rights on Kashmir.

I wish you had given the back ground of your PM and his present and past acts of terrorism instead of talking about Hafiz Saeed who only collects donations and helps the poor whereas RSS is officially being financed by your Indian Government for killing of Muslims and Christians. It is the same terrorist outfit which has vowed to eliminate all Muslim and Christian from India by 2030.

I wish you had told the UN why you have not declared your hot favourite RSS as terrorist organisation. It is understood that India cannot notify their rulers as terrorists.

Madam Foreign Minister! You should have also mentioned that these three police official were killed in Kashmir by your own Army as the police is resisting presence of the Army in occupied Kashmir which has made the local police jobless.

I wish she had told the International community as to why has she failed to implement the UN’s Humans Right resolution on Kashmir.

Kindly do not blame Pakistan for every other misdeed of your army which is being headed by a General who dances at the tune of PM Modi the way you and PM Modi are helpless before Lallit Modi and Anil Ambani.

Please, you and your boss need to change your status of being compulsive liars.

The speech of FM was merely a pack of lies and overt display of  antagonism of India towards Pakistan and Kashmir.

I would like to advise Indian PM & his FM, including his chief of RAW, that please follow these advises as it will bring good will for India and peace in the region:

1.            Either PM Modi may resign from RSS or he should resign from the office of the PM as he cannot be PM while holding the command as godfather of RSS.

2.            India should immediately announce the date of voting for “self-determination’ under the supervision of UN troops.

3.            India to immediately announce undertaking to implement the Tass water agreement.

4.            India should notify RSS as terrorist organisation in the great interest of India politics .

5.            India should stop treating Pakistan like Nepal or Sri Lanka and deal Pakistan on equal terms.

6.            Publicly confess the spy work against Pakistan through his agents like Kulbhushan Yadev.

7.            Withdraw your Army troops from Kashmir and allow Kashmiris to decide their fate as per the UN Resolutions.

8.            Stop playing against Pakistan in FATF otherwise Pakistan will be constraint to pull you India in FATF because of your state financial support to RSS.

9.            Allow religious freedom to every Indian and that will be possible if you ban RSS.

In the end I would urge the Indian leadership including PM Modi to please follow above friendly advice for regional peace.


The writer is Chairman of think tank "global eye" & former Interior Minister of Pakistan.