LAHORE (PR) – The PTI’s economic policy tells the whole truth about the emerging economic meltdown; it highlights and addresses pressing concerns of economics and governance confronting us.

PTI leader and former minister Malik Abdul Qayyum said on Wednesday that the party had neither promised ‘manno salwa’ nor it had claimed milk or honey would begin to flow the moment it was voted into power.

“The political leadership is responsible for taking people into confidence about the deep-rooted economic problems and their solutions, making it clear that there are no quick fixes and no magic wands,” he added.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader further said Pakistan had been bankrupted by successive governments, inflation was rampant and the balance of payments was heading towards a crisis.

“However, a mere change of faces would not make much difference; there has to be a drastic change in the approach to governance for development,” he stressed.