6th September our Defence day is one of the proudest moments for Pakistan as a nation which was built on the basic elements of love, brotherhood and fraternity. It is a day of such wisdom, love sacrifice, nobility and honor that it leaves your heart to cry. As a child I was always delighted by and indulged in the celebrations not knowing of what truth lied behind them. But as I grew up and saw the world covered up with grotesque toxins such as violence, pride and politics, I wondered where humanity is? but when I came to know of the whole incident as to what act of bravery and courage and patriotism was shown by our soldiers and even the normal citizens during this whole incident the War of 1965, I saw hope, and realized that there is solitude and love amongst human beings. However, it is very sad to see that this disease of politics has entrapped the world and it is immensely dreadful for the whole of humanity.

On this day during the 1965 Indo-Pak war Pakistan defeated India and her armies with such zeal, courage and passion of patriotism, with such strength and nobility that the world is amazed while just listening as to what happened on this day. The Indian army without permission crossed the borderlines and attacked Pakistan without a warning thinking of attacking us in a way that we might get surprised and under such stress and chaos give up and surrender to them. This is totally against war ethics and is actually a shame towards them. However little did they know of the bravery that is vested in every Pakistani’s veins. We certainly did not crack under pressure and instead gave India a lesson she deserved. As our heroes, our brave martyrs did astonishing works involving not only exhibiting practical application of the bravery instilled in their hearts and love for their homeland. In addition, we also come to see the amazing techniques, plans made, initialized and put into action by our heroes, the way our heroes commanded their troops with such strong nerves and not even one single person cracked under pressure. 

Can you just imagine how Major Aziz Bhatti at that moment, between such horrifying fight stood up as he choose to move forward with his platoon under ceaseless artillery and tank attacks for five days and nights in Defense of the strategically vital BRB Canal. Being courageous throughout the constant fire from enemy small arms, tanks and artillery, he organized the Defence canal, directing his troops to answer the fire until he was hit by an enemy tank shell which killed him. Could one imagine of such bravery and courage to go in front of tanks waiting to shoot you? Or when we hear about how Pilot officer Rashid Minhas took control of such a mind distorting situation. He was going for a take-off on a routine training flight but suddenly an Instructor pilot forced his way into the air craft and took off. When Rashid Minhas realized that this person was actually an Indian agent and was leading the aircraft towards India, he tried to regain control of the plane but could not do so. Hence, without any hesitation, looking death into the eye, he damaged the controls and forced the air craft to crash thirty two miles away from the border.

This is just two of the examples of such nobility and act of patriotism shown by our heroes, of the bravery and sacrifice given by so many of our heroes. Our Army is such a huge blessing for us that we can’t imagine. There are soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves just for our sake, they stay awake so we can sleep peacefully and safely in our homes. They leave everything, everything they own, love and cherish behind them and put their country first. What lesson of patriotism, brotherhood and love for one’s homeland can you get better than from 6th September 1965?

Brotherhood and fraternity runs through our veins and the words of Jinnah: “Unity, Faith and Discipline” are imprinted on our souls. Those who have their evil eyes set at our beloved country, beware! Because we fear only Allah and none else. Sure we might quarrel about sometimes with each other but don’t siblings fight for a while? And get back together just in a few moments. Each and every Pakistani has this spirit of brotherhood in their hearts, if you will dare to hurt one of us, all of us will stand up united as one nation, because we don’t have any predicament of caste, color of creed amongst us, we are brother and sisters standing together as one, under one flag and when we stand united we can give you a lesson you surely are never going to forget.