Islamabad - Sindh Provincial Cultural Pavilion remains one of the key attractions during the ongoing 10-day Lok Mela here at Shakarparian.

Coordinated by Sindh culture department, a contingent of over one hundred participants including artisans in various craft fields, folk artists, rural musicians, instrumentalists and folk dancers are actively participating and showcasing their indigenous folk heritage.

The folk artists and musicians representing Sindh during the event include folksinger Shaukat Ali and Ahmad and folk musicians Arbab Khan Alghoza, Misri Jogi Murli, Zulfiqar Ahmad Borindo, Rasul Bukhsh Brohi Dhambura, Mir Muhammad Dholak, Allah Dino Benjo and many others.

Amongst folk dance groups are Sain Dad Matka Dancers, Niaz Ahmad and Party Shehnai Group, Vishnu Party Thari Dance, Agha Group Fire Work Dance Party, Chandi Faqir and Son Chapri Dance Party, Khuda Bukhsh and Ajmal Dance Party.

Sindh is famous for a wide range of folk crafts like lacquer art, Farasi weaving, blue pottery, Sindhi embroidery, ajrak (shawl), block printing, traditional carpet weaving, Rilli (appliqué work), tie-dye, Khes (blanket) weaving, wood works, Thari embroidery and several others, which are all available in the ongoing Lok Mela.

Master artisans displaying their workmanship include Imdad Ali Wighio in block making, Halima in Durree weaving, Siani and Safia in Lungi/Khes weaving, Smeru in Farasi weaving, Zaheera in Rilli weaving, Khan Chand in leather shoes, Gino Mal, Deeplu and Zamir Ahmad in Thari handicrafts, Naseem Sultan in Sindhi embroidery, Naeemuddin in blue pottery, Qadir Bukhsh and Rafaqat Ali in Ajrak block making, Faqir Muhammad in clay work, Khadim Hussain in Moenjodaro replica making, Sulemain in lacquer work, Imtiaz Shah in Chunri work, Aslam Arabab in Sussi weaving and others.