We always criticize the role of welfare organizations in our society but we see in the city that some youngsters of the NGO named JDC decorate “Market of Kindness” at Numaish Chorangi. An anonymous Iranian started wall of kindness in Tehran city when its viral through social media then the people of different countries like china, India, turkey including Pakistani people started making wall of kindness at different places but we highly appreciate the efforts of jdcian’s who first time ever in the history of the world started “Bazarey Mehrban” where needy people take anything like clothes, washing machines, TV, oven, fridge, crockery and the other stuff without any payment. Those people should help for making this bazar in the city by donating that house stuff which they don’t use. Through this our citizens can easily take those things which they need without any payment.


Karachi, March 9.