MUZAFFARABAD - Nine-member AJK cabinet has taken oath here Saturday. President AJK Sardar Yaqub Khan administrated the oath to the cabinet members. PML-N Senior Vice President AJK Chaudhary Tariq Farooq has been made as senior minister.

Those who took oath as cabinet members are Noreen Arif and Barrister Iftikhar Gillani from Muzaffarabad, Mustaq Minhas and Sardar Mir Akbar from Bagh, Chaudhary Aziz from Haveli, Sardar Najeed Naqi from Plundari, and Farooq Sikandar and Raja Nisar from Kotli.

No legislator from district Mirpur was given representation in the cabinet.  Some seven members of the ruling Muslim League did not attend the oath-taking ceremony reportedly due to some differences.