Many have breathed a sigh of relief as Zainab’s murderer was given a death sentence for the heinous crime. The efforts of the authorities must be commended; as the investigation was efficient and quick and they were able to catch the culprit. However, it must also be kept in mind that a single punishment does not mean an end of the crime in the country.

The number of minor rape cases reported in the country has gone up, particularly after the incident. And the problem is not just limited to any particular area or region rather it is prevalent across Pakistan. Many out there are still committing such crimes because, without a proper task force, just the punishment of one man does not scare them enough to not commit these crimes. At the same time, the incident of Zainab occurred in Kasur - an area known to be the hub of such activities. A network is operational in the area which preys on children; however, there is no progress in trying to rid the area of such activities.

If the authorities remain limited to solving crimes that make it to the limelight, the larger problem at hand will not be solved, and that problem is the exploitation of children at the hands of people who have made a business out of this. What is required to resolve the issue is a national debate, and a dedicated effort to resolve the issue on both, the national and provincial fronts.

Another important area which needs the attention of the government is educating parents on how to teach their children about matters of sexuality. The reason why a lot of cases go unreported is that many children cannot muster up the courage to even go to their parents out of fear of being blamed for the act. Awareness drives along with preventive approach of law enforcement agencies can help improve the situation.