ISLAMABAD - Nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan has said that all Indian cities can be destroyed five times if India took to any misadventure against Pakistan. He was talking to Nawa-i-Waqt/The Nation and Waqt TV on Saturday night. Dr Khan said the day on which Pakistan had tested Ghauri missile, the Indian Air Chief told his fellow officers that Indian Air Force's superiority over Pakistan had come to an end. "Our missile fired from Kahuta can reach Delhi in only five minutes time while from Sindh it can hit Mumbai in just six minutes," Khan said. The nuclear scientist claimed that Pakistani missiles were capable of hitting each and every Indian city, therefore India would certainly deliberate ten times before deciding to launch any misadventure against Pakistan. "Our missiles are far more sophisticated and effective than Indian missiles. We have measured distances of all Indian cities from Pakistan. Pakistan, therefore, will not be an easy prey for India," AQ maintained.