BAJAUR - Security forces have claimed to foil a terrorism bid in Bajaur by seizing a big cache of weapons during an operation in the hilly area of Mamond tehsil, officials told here on Thursday. They said the search operation was carried out following a tip-off in Amanata area, located near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

They said a big cache of weapons including rocket shells, rocket launchers, remote controlled bombs, hand grenades, bomb making material, explosives and large number of cartridges were seized during the action conducted by a team of security forces. They said that most of the weapons were recovered from an underground place, adding that the seized arms have been used by the miscreants.  The official said that investigation was under way to know the elements behind storing weapons and arms in the area.

The official stated that local people have supported the security forces during the search operation and they appreciated the forces for prompt action to recover the weapons.