MUMBAI - Muhammad Zaman Khan is the second most popular face of cricket after his countrymen Sufi Abdul Jalil - famous as Chacha (Uncle) Cricket.  The invitation by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to witness the forthcoming World Cup matches has "not" brought smile on this cheerleader's face. On the contrary he has lost his good money.

"Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is pleased to invite you to witness the matches of ICC World Cup 2015 to be played in Australia and New Zealand from 14th February 2015 to 29th March 2015 at your own expense and with your own arrangements. Pakistan Cricket Board will not arrange tickets, accommodation or any other expense", Zakir Khan, the PCB's Director International Cricket Operations letter, (a copy of the same is available with us) addressed to him, reads.

"What is the use of this invitation ? How would my visa be granted with this invitation, the cheerleader, in an exclusive chat with this paper, asked over telephone from his Gujranwala home. "With this letter, I can't apply for my visa." The 55-year-old known as Chacha Twenty20 was a chauffeur in Dubai and now lives in Pakistan, had not missed a single match ever since Pakistan was forced to play in UAE due to security fears back home.  During matches, Zaman drives the fans crazy, chanting slogans for his team. His big mustache he grows every time a match approaches makes him recognizable in every stand he sits. "I had booked my air tickets to travel to Australia and also hotel bookings were made and tickets for the matches were purchased but with no sponsorship now, I am likely to miss the World Cup", he further added.The story of another Pakistani cheerleader, Chacha Uncle, is not bright either.  However, India's famous cheerleader, Sudhir Gautam managed to get sponsorship and will be at the stands in Australia and New Zealand. And yes, the World's first and oldest Sri Lankan cheerleader, Percy Abeysekera, 79, will cheer for his team in Australia and New Zealand as his trip is being sponsored by his company. Not only that, his biography will also be released in Australia.