LAHORE - Opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed Khrushid Shah has called for carrying out the audit of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in order to ascertain how funds of billions of rupees are being spent.

“There is a dire need to probe into the funds of the PCB, which is a rich organisation as recourses are being spent on some major cities including Lahore, whereas the PCB is not spending money on the development of the game in the far-flung areas of the country,” he said this while talking to the reporters after inaugurating the Pakistan women hockey league here Tuesday at the National Hockey Stadium.

He was of the view that if sports and overall environment in the country are on the right track, everything in the country can be put in order. Khurashid stressed the need to keep politics away from sports and citied involvement of politics as the key factor in the overall decline of sports in the country.

“It is quite unfortunate that there is deep-rooted involvement of politics in the country’s sports due to which our sports are at constant decline,” he said and added: “Funds should be pumped in to make the sports institutions financially viable and to arrest the decline in sports, the way Pakistan People Party did, when it was in power.”

The opposition leader said every institution should work within its own domain as undue interference in the working of an institution result in creating problems which hammer the pace of progress. He said it was a heartening sign that women hockey is at rise as regular hockey activities are being created from the platform of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to motivate the women folk to take up hockey as a sport.

“I am very much delighted to see that our country is rich in women hockey talent and with hard work and commitment and training under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches, our women hockey team can emerge a force to reckon with at the international level,” he added.