KARACHI - The Sindh High Court (SHC) has identified what it called “glaring contradictions” in the figures submitted by police, prosecution and judiciary viz-a-viz A-class cases, pending in the province.

Additional Inspector General Police (AIGP) Legal-II submitted that around ’54,400’ cases under ‘A’ class are pending in whole Sindh, whereas the report, submitted by Prosecutor General (PG) Sindh showed pendency of ‘88,211’ cases under same category.

Besides these figures, some of the district judges, showed that in only three district of Karachi 46,000 ‘A’ class cases are pending, according to an order of SHC’s bench headed by Justice Salahuddin Panhwar on Wednesday.

Justice Salhuddin Pahnwar stated that there are serious contradictions saying that these are glaring contradictions. “I am unable to appreciate because all these are supposed to so strongly linked in maintaining record of every summary submitted under A-class cases.

He stated that there is no mechanism between prosecution and police to maintain the record and investigate the cases. As well AIGP Legal-II is unable to assist the court with regard to detail of cases under ‘A’ class and he has not personally visited website in whole carrier and is unaware about present status, he added

Representative of AIGP Establishment contended that in Karachi region only 579 police officers are working in investigation from ASI to Inspector. When it has come on record that more than 60000 ‘A’ class are pending which are begging for completion of investigation and even crimes are taking place hence it is not possible to expect completion of investigation of such crimes in addition to day-to-day raise in crimes (investigation).

This shows complete failure on the part of province to recruit sufficient staff which even was referred in order of the last date, court observed.

Representative of AIGP Establishment contends that recruitment of 200 investigation officers is completed and such officers will join in Karachi region and CTD. Besides, he contends that 500 posts of ASI are advertised through Sindh Service Public Commission and they will be inducted in the police department for CT D only.

Bench ordered lGP Sindh to form investigation cell in every district as well division level and province level so as separately deal with such serious issue i.e legal disposal of A-Class.

Court also directed Chairman National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) to cooperate with Sindh Police with regard to provide necessary information in criminal cases.

Court observed that no proper record was maintained by both departments rather police seems to have believed complete discharge of its duties by throwing some papers as A-class summaries and Magisterial Courts equally took the same, perhaps, ‘disposal of case’.

Court observed that it appears that Sindh Police has no record with regard to ‘A’ class cases and its monitoring. Amicus curie Muhammad Hanif Samma contended that there is no record of ‘A’ class cases with prosecution, police and judiciary and ‘A’ class reports are in the possession of investigation officers.